Sport socks by Eightsox

Shoes provide support and protection for different terrains. Socks are the dynamic link between shoe and foot, and at the same time form the transition to the leg. The fully anatomically designed EIGHTSOX support the entire musculoskeletal system down to the bone.

Anyone who has ever had an ankle injury knows that the bandage used to stabilize the ankle is applied in the shape of an eight. It is exactly this 8 support bandage that is an integral part of almost all EIGHTSOX products.
In addition, the use of particularly functional and supple yarns ensures feet very comfortable in your “second skin”. This combination of stability and comfort for the feet provides a balance that gives the entire body stability.


LOWA is the company behind EIGHTSOX. The Bavarian company has spent over 90 years dedicating itself to feet and as a shoemaker, now comes into closer contact with the foot a bit more so to speak with EIGHTSOX.
Precise knowledge of the anatomy of the foot, high-quality functional materials, high-tech knitting machines and craftsmanship are at the heart of all EIGHTSOX models.

Together with a specialist knitter in Italy, EIGHTSOX focuses on stability and protection for the design of its sports socks. Each individual functional zone is knitted using different techniques and materials. Stabilizing the ankle and avoiding rubbing and chafing are central to the entire EIGHTSOX line.